Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Fergie: United paying penalty

Wayne Rooney: Mixed fortunes from the spot

Wayne Rooney missed his 10th spot-kick for Manchester United in the FA Cup third-round replay with West Ham earlier this month.

Whilst Ferguson does not believe Rooney will suffer any psychological trauma from his most recent failure, it is widely assumed the job of penalty taker has now been passed on to Robin van Persie.

However, Ferguson also feels there is a wider issue that demands improvement.

"You can certainly criticise Wayne as that was his 10th miss from the spot, but at the same time I must point out missing a penalty does not faze him," Ferguson told United Review.

"Other players with different temperaments could go to pieces.

"It's a particular art. The Germans are good, especially in internationals and big competitions, and I think they practice, unlike in England - it seems we either can't be bothered - perhaps players see it as boring, or as if we regard it as almost cheating.

"We will really have to up our ga me in this area."

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